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Our Programs

Chicago & Dolton Family Case Management (CFCM & DFCM)

This program ensures that pregnant women and women with infants up to the age of 1 year receive adequate prenatal and pediatric care by conducting home visits and follow ups with medical providers for their infants, by making sure the infants are getting their shots on time. This program provides incentives for pregnant women in the program. They also host a community baby shower for expectant mothers. They play games, receive prizes and are fed healthy and nutritional food. The case managers provide their clients with transit cards, food, clothing, car seats, housing and referrals for other services. Both programs are funded by Illinois Department of Human Services.

Healthy Families Illinois (HFI)

The HFI Program is a voluntary home visitation program for new & expectant parents. A Family Support Specialist visits with clients in their home at least once a week to assist with resources and support for their new baby. The services provided include assistance with adequate nutrition, medical care, affordable housing, job and educational opportunities, mental and health services, and knowledge of the early childhood developmental stages. Healthy Families Illinois is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Senior, Mother and Child Nutrition Program (SMCNP)

The Senior, Mother and Child Nutrition Program (SMCNP) provides monthly supplemental food and nutrition services to low-income, post-partum women, and women with children from 5 to 6 years of age and seniors aged 60 and over who meet the requirements. This program is administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services and operated by Catholic Charities.

The WIC Food Center (WIC)

Catholic Charities WIC Food Center is located at 5125 W. Chicago Ave, providing safe and convenient shopping services for pregnant women and women with children up to 5 years old. For the convenience of the customers the center is equipped with a kiddie corral so the parents can shop with ease while their children play. For educational purposes the center has a fully loaded nutrition center that is utilized to increase the use of supplemental foods provided by the WIC program. WIC is funded by Catholic Charities.

Safe Home Afters-school For Youth

Provides a safe residence for youth between the ages of 6 to 17, nutritious food, rest, homework, recreation, community gardening and discussions with counselors/mentors. The Safe Home After-school for Youth program is funded by Illinois Department of Human Services.

Teen REACH Two

Teen REACH Two is an after-school program that provides a safe and supportive environment for at-risk youth ages 6 to 17. The youth receive quality academic assistance; life skills education; positive adult mentoring; service learning activities; and recreational, sports and cultural activities that help promote their social, physical, emotional and intellectual development. Teen REACH Two is funded by Illinois Department of Human Services.

Diabetes Prevention and Awareness

“Wake Up and Face the Truth: Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Campaign”… We are making connections throughout the Chicago land areas to provide education on type 2 diabetes in children and adults. Our goal is to target diabetes risk factors with prevention and treatment. We seek to reach adults through community organizations, churches and other faith based organizations. Diabetes Prevention and Awareness is funded by Illinois Department of Public Health.

T.C.A.R.T. – Transportation Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Training

Created in 2013, the Transportation Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Training Program (T.C.A.R.T.) provides minority groups, disadvantaged persons and women access to the knowledge and hands-on training needed to work in transportation and highway construction trades.  T.C.A.R.T. .is a collaborative effort among IDOT, the Illinois Tollway, and Chicago Urban League in partnership with local community-based organizations and construction trades unions.

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